The art of profit protection

Of course, you need a system to secure your articles. Or to count your visitors. Our article surveillance systems offer you that... but they offer more. Much more.

We took the next step. We transformed classic surveillance systems and visitor counters into a fully integrated system that collects a wealth of information. In real-time. In the cloud.

Cross Point Analytics gives you total insight into the performance of your stores and into your customers’ behaviors. Starting now, you no longer need miss any of this. 

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Take the next step

Every manager needs information on store operations. This is why we gave our systems extra tasks. We have modified them so that our systems constantly collect all necessary information in the cloud. You have real-time access to it, through a PC, iPad, or iPhone. This transforms a classic article surveillance system that can only beep into a new opportunity to score for the office management, the marketing department, the IT department and the security manager.

So take the next step and ensure that you are a leader for years to come. 

What counts?

Our Cross Point cloud solution links customer counters, article surveillance systems and cash register systems.

The various components work together as a completely integrated system. All requested information is processed automatically and presented in the form of instantly available, relevant management information. 

You can view and evaluate the information from all linked stores on the Internet as often as you want. If you want to we can also make the information available for smooth integration with your existing Management Information System. Cross Point offers all necessary information for effective theft prevention and for effective store management.

That’s what counts! 


Improve your performance

Cross Point Analytics gives you complete insight into the performance of your stores. Right from a comprehensive overview of your worldwide network of stores right down to the smallest detail on the status of a surveillance system.
Get insight in visitor flows, trend analysis, evaluation of advertising campaigns, deployment and performance of your personnel. Increase your buyer-to-traffic ratio and revenue per customer thanks to real-time management information, 100% customised to your needs.
You will always have access, by PC, iPhone, or iPad, to your personal Analytics dashboard. Play with the demo and convince yourself by pressing the button below

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