The STYLUS AM30 is an acrylic light weight, slim but robust antenna, which is mounted directly to a door frame, wall or even a window. 

Being a wall-mounted system, the STYLUS AM30 occupies a minimum amount of precious store space, which leaves more room for displaying merchandize. This makes the STYLUS AM30 highly suited for large and small stores.

Bidirectional sensors, integrated in the STYLUS AM30 antennas, count the number of visitors entering and leaving the store. This enables you to easily verify and adjust staff planning and optimize store performance.

In case of an alarm event, the STYLUS AM30 notifies staff about the nature of that event visually and audible, so correct measures can be taken.

When connected to our cloud, visitor numbers and alarm management information will be online available for further processing. Reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can flexibly be integrated in existing management information systems. 

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum costs.

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