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Cross Point helps retailers to minimize losses and maximize profit. Delivering added value and exceeding customer expectation have been our objectives since the start in 1993. Striving for the best possible products and services implies interaction with our customers on a day-to-day basis and know-how about the latest technology and processes.

Result of this customer-oriented focus is that we not only outperform reputable and established competitors in our home market but we also obtained an ever growing international presence.

Over the years we have developed a tight and solid network with our Alliance Partners throughout Europe and the rest of the world. All from the central idea that, now more than ever, 'a global market' has been established.

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Our alliance partners

Our alliance partners add value to our business. Together we can accomplish more than each of us can individually. Our nationally operating partners are familiar with local issues and challenges and are trained to provide adequate service, advice and training.

The advantage is clear. Whilst we provide our customers with international solutions, we guarantee the same quality and service everywhere. Whenever needed, wherever needed.

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Our products

Cross Point products can be recognized easily. They distinguish themselves from products of other manufacturers by their outstanding design, advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability and quality.

Therefore, many of our products are recognized as the benchmark in their class.

Our people

The foundation for growth is embedded in our corporate culture. A compact and dynamic organization led by a team of open minded professionals with a focus on stimulating creativity, developing competences and delivering innovations.

If you would like to work for Cross Point, then you can contact us at

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Jobs at Cross Point

Occasionally we have new jobs available. Please make sure to check this page regularly if you would like to work for us.

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